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Critical Mass

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Subject: Critical Mass

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Subject: Critical Mass

"The web page of communications issues"

Critical Mass is a Communications-related e-magazine created by six CMNS
students at Simon Fraser University.

[First Issue Table of Contents]

Cold and Flu Season Strikes The Valley of Silicon
The complexity of language is revealed in miniature by the software bug.
By Gordon Gow.
Television: Check Your Brain at the Door
An investigation into the shortcomings of commercial television - Does TV
really have to be so bad? By Shawn Rafuse
The Worship of Technology and Universal Access
The political economy of fibre optic networks. By Mat X.
A Brief Introduction to Canadian Film
File under "Foreign." By Pam Murray.
Competition, Canadian Culture, and the Net: Does the CRTC Have it Right?
A critical look at the CRTC's recent report on "Competition and Culture
on Canada's Information Highway." By Michelle Karren
We've researched a number of internet sites that contain information on
topics relating to Communications studies.
Theorist of the month
A biography and summary of the work of Marshall McLuhan , by Pam Murray.
Corporate / Institutional Profile
A detailed look at Canadian media corporations and institutions. This
month, Erin Willis looks at the Canadian Broadcasting Corportation
(CBC), and Shawn Rafuse discusses the role of the Canadian Radio-
Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).
In the News
An overview of recent developments in the Canadian media and technology
industries, by Michelle Karren.
Historical Perspective
Some background on the social and cultural impacts that modern
communication technologies have facilitated. Anthony Hempell
describes the invention and implementation of the telegraph .
This section is devoted to reviewing recent and not-so recent media that
give the reader a broader perspective of communication studies. This
month, we review Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky's book Manufacturing
Consent, Theodore Rozak's The Cult of Information, Cliff Stoll's
Silicon Snake Oil, and the William Gibson film Johnny Mnemonic.

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