CTS: Clinical and Translational Science


CTS: Clinical and Translational Science


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Publisher: Blackwell Publishing

CTS: Clinical and Translational Science is a source for the most current and
thought provoking original research across the broad spectrum of clinical
specialties and basic science. CTS highlights investigative work bridging
the gap between laboratory discovery and practice.

Readers have immediate access to original research, didactic reviews, expert
analysis, commentary and educational reviews. This peer-reviewed journal
helps understand the rich and complex world that is such a part of
translational medicine.

Bonus features of the journal include: Community New, Views and Commentary
including Up-Dates from the NIH, Insights into Regulatory Concerns,
Contrasting Views and Expert Opinions that help you understand how to use
the research in your practice.

Types of articles featured in CTS include:

* Original Research Articles
Original research articles consist of comprehensive evaluations of a novel
and important clinical or translational research hypothesis.

* Communications: Review and Shorter Research Articles
Review articles survey recent developments in translational medicine
including related basic and clinical science. Communications consists of a
novel research result that is less extensive than an original research

* Brief Reports
Brief Reports provide information about a concise study that has important
implications for the field.

Print ISSN: 1752-8054
Online ISSN: 1752-8062

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Current Issue: Volume 1 Issue 3 (December 2008)

Date: 25 November 2008

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
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