Cultural Interaction


Cultural Interaction

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 02:40:36 GMT
Subject: Cultural Interaction

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 14:05:06 BST
From: (Damien Keown)

Cultural Interaction: A New Electronic Journal

Editors: Dr David Dean (Carleton) and Dr Damien Keown (Goldsmiths)
Technical Editor: Dr Wayne Husted (State University of Pennsylvania)

Cultural Interaction is a new peer-reviewed hypertext electronic journal
currently under development between Goldsmiths College, University of
London, and Carleton University, Ottowa.

About the Journal

Cultural encounters provide a focal point for many academic disciplines
and are now recognised as an important field of study in their own
right. This new journal is devoted exclusively to the interdisciplinary
study of enounters between cultures and the issues which arise from
them. The journal will publish studies of cultural encounters from an
historical perspective, explore appropriate methodologies for the
subject, and examine epistemological questions concerning how cultures
understand and fail to understand one another. This will include
studies of representation and misrepresentation, as well as
considerations of the ways in which cultural encounters contributed to
the process of self-definition.

While it is anticipated that the focus will be primarily historical, a
synchronic mode of analysis may demonstrate the continuing relevance of
historical antecedents for cultural encounters which are unfolding
today. The journal will encourage interdisciplinary approaches,
empirical as well as theoretical contributions.

Although the main content of the journal will be peer-reviewed academic
articles, it will also encourage pre-publication discussion of work in
progress, especially of a collaborative kind. The journal will also
carry reviews of books and a noticeboard providing information about
exhibitions, conferences and other events.

Enquiries about the journal should be addressed to either Dr Damien
Keown ( or Dr David Dean (

The present URL for the journal is
(Link inactive 20 October 2005),
although it is anticipated this will change when the development is more
advanced. Up-to-date information can be obtained from the editors.

24th March 1995
Damien Keown, DPhil
Department of Historical & Cultural Studies
Univerity of London, Goldsmiths
London SE14 6NW
voice: [44] 0171 919 7497
fax: [44] 0171 919 7398

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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