Cultural Sociology


Cultural Sociology

Publisher: SAGE Publications and the British Sociological Association

Cultural Sociology is the first journal explicitly to be dedicated to the
sociological comprehension of cultural matters. It will act as a key meeting
point for sociological analysts of culture coming from a wide range of
theoretical and methodological positions, and from a great variety of
national contexts. It will be a locale where different analytical traditions
in cultural sociology and the sociology of culture can engage with and learn
from each other.

Topic coverage includes:

* Cultural sociology and sociology of culture
* Paradigms of sociological analysis of culture
* Relations between cultural sociology, cultural studies and other
* Methodologies of cultural analysis
* Sociology of cultural production, distribution and consumption
* Contemporary cultural forces and trends
* Cultural creativity and innovation
* Cultural reproduction
* Sociology of historical cultures
* Sociology of art and aesthetics
* Visual, oral and aural cultures
* Sociology of cultural forms and cultural media
* Sociology of performance
* 'Race', ethnicity and culture
* Class and culture
* Gendered cultures
* 'High cultures' and 'low cultures'
* Everyday cultures
* Culture, globalization and globality
* Local, regional, national, international and transnational cultures
* Culture and the life-course
* Tastes and lifestyles
* Cultural power and resistance
* Teaching cultural sociology

ISSN: 1749-9755
eISSN: 1749-9763

Cultural Sociology
Dept. of Sociology
School of Social Sciences
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen AB24 3QY
United Kingdom


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Current Issue: March 2007, Volume 1, No. 1

Date: 29 March 2007

Original posting date: 
Thursday, March 29, 2007
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