Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies


Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies

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The mandate for this interdisciplinary, international journal is to move
methods talk in cultural studies to the forefront, into the regions of
moral, ethical and political discourse. The commitment to imagine a more
democratic society has been sa guiding feature of cultural studies from the
very beginnnig.

Contributors to this journal understand that the discourses of a critical,
moral methodology are basic to any effort to re-engage the promise of the
social sciences and the humanities for democracy in the 21st Century. We
seek works that connect critical emanicipatory theories to new forms of
social justice and democratic practice are encouraged.

Manuscripts which stand at the intersection of critical moral discourse,
experimental, interpretative methodology, and cultural criticism are sought.
Preference is given to texts which combine ethnographic, performative, and
textual approaches to the study of popular culture, and include the media as
well as the new communication and information technologies.

Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies transcends disciplines asnd
crosses ethnic, gender and paradigmatic boundaries to produce an inclusive
vision that is vital to today's interpretative practices in the human

The journal publishes open-peer refereed articles that experiment with new
writing forms, including autoethnography, ethnodrama, ethnographic poetry,
performance texts, creative nonfiction, interpretative essays, and cultural
criticism. The journal welcomes critical, reflective essays as well.

ISSN: 1532-7086


Norman K. Denzin
Institute of Communications Research
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University of Illinois
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Current Issue: August 1 2005, Volume 5, No. 3

Date: 26 August 2005

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Friday, August 26, 2005
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