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Curator: The Museum Journal

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Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell for the California Academy of Sciences

Written by museum professionals for museum professionals, Curator: The Museum Journal provides a forum for exploration and debate of the latest issues, practices, and policies in museum administration, research, exhibition development, visitor studies, conservation, education, collection management and other subjects of current concern to the community.

Each issue presents a range of expert voices. Articles are peer-reviewed and held to the highest standards of timeliness and rigor. Forums, reviews and commentaries relay news and opinions from writers with an insider's perspective.

Issues are frequently organized around topics of great urgency for the field. Professional conversations cover the globe: from the emergence of museums in China to the trials of export licenses in Great Britain.

Print ISSN: 0011-3069
Online ISSN: 2151-6952


Zahava D. Doering

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Current Issue: Volume 53 Issue 3 (July 2010)

Date: 16 July 2010

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Friday, July 16, 2010
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