Cytometry Part A


Cytometry Part A

Publisher: International Society for Analytical Cytology

Cytometry is the official journal of the International Society for
Analytical Cytology.

Cytometry, Part A embraces the study of the cytome, covering all aspects of
molecular analysis of cellular systems in the following areas: cytomics
(studies linking the genome and proteome to cell regulation and function),
flow cytometry, image cytometry, molecular array technologies, as well as
other cell-based spectroscopic analyses and associated
bioinformatics/computational methodologies.

The research featured in the journal encompasses not only the development of
the techniques and reagents needed to measure cell features and cellular
constituents, but also investigations that primarily employ these techniques
for characterization in order to provide an understanding of function and
regulation in the context of the cell, organ, and organism.

Cytometry, Part A publishes original research articles, in-depth reviews,
rapid communications of new, novel "hot" topics, and technical innovation

Topical coverage includes:

* New, novel instrumentation and reagent developments relevant to the
measurement of cells or cell constituents.
* New techniques or procedures for the analysis of cellular features,
constituents, and function.
* Novel analysis, statistical approaches, and mathematical modeling
techniques relevant to the analysis of analytical cytology and cytomics
* Application of analytical and cytomics techniques to the areas of cell
biology, molecular biology, virology, physiology, pathology, cancer,
veterinary science, plant science, genomics, and proteomics.

Online ISSN: 1552-4930
Print ISSN: 1552-4922

Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their manuscripts online at


Attila Tarnok, Ph.D.
Universitat Leipzig
Klinik fur Kinderkardiologie
Strumpellstrasse 39
04289 Leipzig

Telephone: +49-(0)341-8 65 24 30
Fax: +49-(0)341-8 65 11 43

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Current Issue: Volume 71A, Issue 6 (June 2007)

Date: 17 May 2007

Original posting date: 
Thursday, May 17, 2007
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