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[Published by the Economist Group.]

d.Comm is a new concept in publishing: it is a complete magazine, but is
only available on the Internet. It is not just a a Web site and it is
not a mirror of a paper-based product.

d.Comm covers all types of information technology issues, from the
desktop PC through networking issues, to communications. We aim to
provide you with all the information that you need to keep up to date.

The information within d.Comm is updated regularly. News items are
published as soon as we hear about them, not at the next fixed
publishing date. New features are posted once a month, replacing the
previous month's features. However, old features never die and can be
accessed via the search facility. The aim is to eventually provide a
comprehensive source of past and present issues within the IT industry.

We also aim to make life easy for you. To this end, you can personalise
the magazine to your own requirements. If you only want to know about
PC issues then just select that category from within the Hotlist

News section: the news is listed in chronological order, with the most
recent news items first.

The Insights section is where you can find commentaries from ourselves,
the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a guest writer each month. It is
also where we host competitions.

The Tech Zone is the heart of the magazine. Within this section you can
find features, reviews (of both hardware and software), a surgery where
we try and answer your IT-related problems, and a utilities download

The Recruitment section is a listing of job's available at the moment.
We allow our recruitment advertisers to update their information
regularly, so any job advertised in d.Comm does genuinely exist.

The Comms section looks at voice and telecoms-related issues.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Games section. As well as
providing links to other games sites, we also review games that we have
found and like, both on and off the Net.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


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