Developmental Psychobiology


Developmental Psychobiology

ISSN: 1098-2302

Developmental Psychobiology is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes
original research papers from the disciplines of psychology, biology,
neuroscience, and medicine that contribute to an understanding of behavior
development. Research that focuses on development in the embryo/fetus,
neonate, juvenile, or adult animal and multidisciplinary research that
relates behavioral development to anatomy, physiology, biochemistry,
genetics, or evolution is appropriate. The journal represents a broad
phylogenetic perspective on behavior development by publishing studies of
invertebrates, fish, birds, humans, and other
animals. The journal publishes experimental and descriptive studies whether
carried out in the laboratory or field.

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Editor: William P. Smotherman

Original posting date: 
Monday, June 9, 2003
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