DFAN Online Newsletter


DFAN Online Newsletter

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[Online newsletter of the Diabetic Friends Action Network.]

There are five issues of the DFAN Online Newsletter available. If you'd
like to receive any of them just send an e-mail to BELVE@DELPHI.COM or
YASURU@DELPHI.COM and the issue will be sent to your e-mail box.

[Contents of back issues]

Fall Edition: DFAN Online * Official Flower Seeds * Article - The
First Day/Diagnosis * Article - A Mother's Dilemma * DFAN

February Edition: Article - Good Old Days/Part 2 * Article -
Coping As An SO (Significant Other) * Article - The Joy Of A
Transplant * Member To Member Advice * Article - Sorbitol/Is The
Harm Worth The Benefit

March Edition (Special Children's Edition): Interview With Ten
Year Old Diabetic Child * Article - D* At School/Time Of
Diagnosis * Article - Getting Ready For School Beyond Notebooks &
Erasers * Wordsearch Puzzle

May Edition: (Special Significant Other Edition): Looking At The
Glass Half Empty Or Half Full * S.O.B's (Significant Other
Brothers) * Poem - "The Lesson Needed To Be Learned" * SO
Appreciation * Getting Involved * Meal Planning - The Key To
Success * Diabetes Mystery Story

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