Dialogic Pedagogy: An International Online Journal


The purpose of this international peer-reviewed interactive

online Open Access journal is to advance international

scholarship and pedagogical practice in the area of dialogic

pedagogy and education. The journal is multidisciplinary,

international, multi-paradigmatic, and multicultural in

scope, accepting manuscripts from any scholars and

practitioners interested in the dialogic nature of teaching

and learning in formal institutional and informal settings.

We think that the relationship between pedagogy and dialogue

should not be limited to or defined by particular

institutions, specific settings, age of the participants, or

fields as new visions and insight on particular tensions can

arise from unique confluences of paradigms, practices, and

events. Hence, we encourage any research scholars and

practitioners with an interest in dialogue and pedagogy to

submit articles for editorial consideration.

This multi- and inter-disciplinary journal falls between

Social Sciences and Humanities. We view the journal’s

audience as international scholars and educators interested

in broadly defined dialogic pedagogy.

Dialogic Pedagogy is a fully online, open-access journal

with a unique 2-stage peer reviewing model.

E-ISSN: 2325-3290

Editor: Eugene Matusov, Ph.D.

Email: dpjournal@mail.pitt.edu

Start Year: 2013

Subject: Education, Pedagogy, Social Sciences, Humanities

Date Posted: 5 March, 2013

Country of Publication: 
United States
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Updated 25 August 2014

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, March 5, 2013
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