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Subject: Ancient Theatre Today


(Link inactive 5 July 2006)

(Link active 5 July 2006)

Sallie Goetsch (Founding Editor)
Oliver Taplin (Consultant)
Ian Worthington (Publisher and Contributing Editor)
Peter Toohey (Publisher and Contributing Editor)


More and more classicists are getting involved with Greek and
Roman plays as performance texts; theater practitioners have
always been so. Dialogue between the two groups of specialists,
and among individual artists and scholars, is essential. During the
course of the conference on Sophocles' *Electra* at Northwestern
University in May 1993 (reviewed in *BMCR* 4), Oliver Taplin
addressed the need for an electronic newsletter devoted to
publicizing modern productions of ancient theater.

*Didaskalia* has as its aim the timely dissemination of news
relevant to those who work on ancient theater and its modern

The main feature of *Didaskalia* will be advance listings of
upcoming productions and other drama-oriented events. We will
also publish short previews and reviews of books and productions
and lists of forthcoming publications pertaining to ancient theater.
Each issue will contain updates on the dramatic doings of our
subscribers and contributors, and provide a forum for the airing of
complaints and the exchange of opinions. Suggestions for other
features are welcome. Those interested in becoming regular
regional correspondents should contact the editors.

*Didaskalia* will appear monthly beginning in March 1994. It
will be distributed from the University of Tasmania, Australia,
under the direction of Ian Worthington, and may be accessed via
ftp or gopher in the same way as *Electronic Antiquity*.

Distribution will be exclusively electronic, except possibly for the
Listings section. Listings should include, at minimum, title,
venue, opening date and length of run, director, translator if there
is one, address, phone, fax, and e-mail of a contact person, and a
short description of the approach to the play.

Submissions and inquiries may be sent electronically to:

(Link inactive 23 November 2004

Hardcopy contributions or queries may be addressed to:


Sallie Goetsch, sgoetsch@uclink4.berkeley.edu

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