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die tageszeitung

Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 02:24:18 GMT
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Subject: die tageszeitung

Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 15:56:23 -0400
From: Jim Campbell <jmc@poe.acc.virginia.edu>
Subject: die tageszeitung

Katja Riefler wrote
The SCHWERINER VOLKSZEITUNG is the first German daily newspaper to
reside on the WWW. Not much to look at right now (seems to be almost
text only) but anyway, they are the first!

This claim is disputed by the Berlin newspaper, "die tageszeitung"
(better known as "taz"). They have the complete text of each issue and
some images up at http://www.prz.tu-berlin.de/~taz/ (Link inactive 29
April 2004). They're both pretty
new and the Schweriner Volkszeitung still has some empty links.

(Link active 29 April 2004)

Those really interested in firsts and who understand German in a
linguistic rather than a national sense, will want to know that both of
them were beaten to the punch by the Viennese DER STANDARD, which has
been available for several months at

(Link inactive 29 April 2004)

- Jim Campbell

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