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Dilbert Newsletter

Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 18:37:37 GMT
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Subject: Dilbert Newsletter

Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 11:25:22 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Dilbert Newsletter

(Link inactive 28 April 2004)

(Link active 28 April 2004)

The Dilbert Newsletter

Welcome to the Dilbert Newsletter archive.

Newsletter 1 - 5/94
Newsletter 2 - 9/94
Newsletter 3 - 11/94
Newsletter 4 - 1/95
Newsletter 5 - 3/95 NEW!

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Dilbert Newsletter 3/95 (excerpts)

To: Dogbert's New Ruling Class (DNRC)
From: Scott Adams
Date: March 1995

DNRC Status Report

In just eleven months Dogbert's New Ruling Class has grown to over
20,000 cynical (yet oddly attractive) members!

But don't worry, that still leaves well over 5 billion people to do
our menial work after Dogbert conquers the planet and enslaves all
non-members. Start putting your job list together now.

Name the Non-DNRC People

What we really need is a good derogatory nickname for non-DNRC people.
The phrase "non-DNRC people" is kinda klunky and doesn't convey our full
contempt for fact that they squander our valuable resources such as
oxygen and vowels...
------------------------------------------------------------- Dilbert's
New Home on the Internet

You may notice the sudden disappearance of Dilbert from the GNN web
page and the ClariNet service.

Dilbert has moved to his own home page on the World Wide Web, courtesy
of United Media. Here's the address:


Here's what you'll find
- Dilbert cartoon of the day (one week delay)
- Prehistory of Dilbert -- early rejections
- Photo tour of how I create Dilbert
- Dilbert Newsletter archive
- Instructions on joining Dogbert's New Ruling Class
- Dilbert character descriptions.
- Early photos of me (may frighten young children)

A special DNRC preview of the page is available on March 31st. It's
open to the general public (Dumplings?) the next day.
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I'm using a "List Server" system to automate this process. So this
newsletter will come to you from a different e-mail address than my
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The frequency of the Dilbert Newsletter is approximately "whenever I
feel like it", which should be about three or four times a year.
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