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Subject: DreamWatch

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Subject: DreamWatch

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Hello and welcome to DreamWatch Online - a bonus free service for
DreamWatch readers with Internet access and others with time to peruse
the Net. Keep checking in regularly, as we will provide you with
information on what's coming up in DreamWatch, the latest news flashes
from around the telefantasy universe, interactive debates on your
favourite series and bonus features not included in the magazine!

DreamWatch Issue 9 is available right now at WH Smiths, John Menzies and
all sensible newsagents as well as certain specialist outlets. To avoid
missing out, it is advisable to place a regular order with your local
news vendor, or to subscribe and receive DreamWatch days ahead of the
retail outlets! Early indications are that the magazine is selling
extremely quickly, so don't miss out.

DreamWatch has been around in one form or other for nearly twelve years,
and until now was available only on subscription and via specialist
science fiction/comic shops. DreamWatch is opening to a wider audience,
but all your favourite series will still be featured , such as Doctor
Who, Star Trek, Sapphire and Steel, Babylon 5 to name a few.

This month's leading series is The X - Files, featuring the The David
Duchovny File, and Chris Carter, The Science Faction of The X - Files,
and we also have three bonus reports, not available in this month's high
street issue - a special on the evolution of Shakedown in our Reviews
section, extracts from last month's interview with Philip Hinchcliffe,
and a special news extra: Amblin's Philip Segal responds to the
DreamWatch coverage on the return of Doctor Who.

DreamWatch Online will also be bringing you Top 5 SciFi Resources on the
Net, which will be updated monthly, to form a complete SciFi database.
This month we are publishing five hot X-Files sites, in keeping with our
leading article.

Allready our first "high street" issue is proving to be a hot seller and
is fast becoming a collectable, due in no small measure to our extensive
coverage of the first half of the second season of The X - Files. Look
out for the second part of this feature in Issue 11 - if we can get the
final episode synopsis through in time! This will be accompanied by The
Gillian Anderson File - comprising hitherto unknown facts about the life
of the actress who plays Scully - an overview of the season and a look
to the future...Stay Wired!

Gary Leigh

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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