E-VIEWS: The Window to Science Fiction


E-VIEWS: The Window to Science Fiction

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Subject: E-VIEWS: The Window to Science Fiction

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Subject: E-VIEWS: The Window to Science Fiction

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 08:10:02 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: EMAG> E-Views Multimedia Mag now at ftp site!!!

ANNOUNCING: The SHAREWARE version of E-Views multimedia magazine is
now available by anonymous ftp from Walnut Creek CDROM!!
EVIEWS01.ZIP: Premiere Issue #1, February / March 1995
Star Trek Tribute Issue

You can download your copy NOW from CDROM by:
- ftp to -- Address: ftp.cdrom.com
Path: /.6/misc/eviews;
- Select "eviews01.zip", and download!!

You can also access it at the Xethyr "Demo" Home Page on the Web:
- URL: http://www.mind.net/xethyr/demos/bin/eviews01.zip (Inactive)

{Many thanks to Sage Weil (a.k.a., Xethyr) for his invaluable
assistance. Make sure you visit his excellent Demo home page --
"Demos/Music/SPaM/Graphics/Programming and all that fun stuff!"}

If you are a member of DELPHI, you can download from that service:
- Go to the General Information database in DELPHI'S
Science Fiction & Fantasy special interest group (SIG);
- Type "READ EVIEWS" to bring it up for downloading.

If you are a member of America Online, you can download your
copy by doing the following:
- Enter the keyword "EPub" in the Keyword list box;
- Click on the "Software Libraries" button;
- Select "Electronic Magazines" from the list window;
- Select "E-Views".


What is E-VIEWS, you ask? Well.......

"E-VIEWS: The Window to Science Fiction" is a multimedia INTERACTIVE
magazine for your PC, with the latest news, reviews and interviews from
the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy....

BOOKS: Search for information on the latest DC Comics, read a review of
classic sci-fi or examine interviews with leading authors like Connie
Willis and Peter David.

MOVIES: Full-color graphics from the hottest movies and clips from
award-winning soundtracks add another magazine dimension for real
film buffs. From "Star Trek" to "Waterworld", experience the sights
and sounds of great sci-fi movies.

TELEVISION: With all the sci-fi shows on TV, which are worth watching,
and which are real dogs? What do the celebrities have to say? Find out
in E-VIEWS. New shows like "X-Files" and old favorites like
"Outer Limits" find their homes on our screens.

FAN INFO: Fan clubs, conventions, collectibles and 'zines are rated,
reviewed and listed for your information! This easy-to-search-and-print
reference includes information on the latest product releases.


E-VIEWS is also available on a per-issue basis, or by subscription.
Information on purchasing your own fully-enabled copy of E-VIEWS is
contained within the shareware version.

For further information:
- Phone (214) 682-0880 (voice only).
- E-mail to NewHMW@aol.com .

Toll-free Order Hotline:
1-800-699-6395 (orders ONLY!).

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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