eHealth International


eHealth International

eHealth International, the Journal of Applied Health Technology,
will serve as the journal for the International eHealth Association,
a professional organisation dedicated to the promotion of eHealth
technologies to improve health care internationally. The field of
eHealth encompasses the use of electronic information
and telecommunications technologies to support long distance
clinical health care, patient and professional health-related
education, public health and health administration. It
encompasses the fields of telemedicine, teleHealth,
distance education, medical informatics, electronic
patient records, supply chain management, and biotechnologies.

eHealth International will solicit primary research on eHealth issues with
an eye towards articles emphasizing research easily translated into
practice. Content will focus on eHealth research and reviews in the
following categories:

1. Clinical relevance for practitioners;

2. Health care management issues;

3. Practical implementation of eHealth principles in each speciality.

In addition to primary research, the journal will commission reviews of
primary research such as periodic evaluations of information technology
and how it is used in health care. Commissioned articles that synthesize
primary material in areas such as technical and clinical standards for
eHealth will also be highlighted. Reviews of key areas of eHealth will be
commissioned on a regular basis.

eHealth International is one of a range of online journals published by
BioMed Central.

Issues date back to 2000.

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eHealth International is available free of charge as an Open Access journal
on the Internet.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
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