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Electronic Green Journal
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Please forgive the duplication caused by cross-posting of the
following to several library and environmental listservs. Please
feel free to forward this posting to any individual or list that
would be interested in it.

The University of Idaho Library announces the availability of the
first issue of the ELECTRONIC GREEN JOURNAL (ISSN: 1076-

The ELECTRONIC GREEN JOURNAL is a professional refereed
publication devoted to disseminating information concerning
sources on international environmental topics including:
assessment, conservation, development, disposal, education,
hazards, pollution, resources, technology, and treatment.
Environmental issues frequently cross national borders; therefore,
our journal encourages the international sharing of environmental
expertise. The journal serves communities as an educational
environmental resource, and includes both practical and scholarly
articles, bibliographies, reviews, editorial comments, and
announcements. We are academically sponsored; however, our
focus is for the educated generalist as well as the specialist.

Currently, the journal is available via gopher, worldwide web or
ftp. Subscriptions are being planned for the near future.


Electronic Green Journal is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet.


gopher: gopher.uidaho.edu (menu choice:
University of Idaho Electronic Publications)

worldwide web:
(Link inactive 10 May 2004)

(Link inactive 30 September 2009)

anonymous ftp: ftp.uidaho.edu (directory:
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Original contributions from authors are welcome. Guidelines for
authors are available from the editors. Send contributions,
requests for guidelines or for any other information about the
journal to:

Maria Jankowska, majanko@uidaho.edu
Francis Griego, fsg@uidaho.edu
Mike Pollastro, mikep@uidaho.edu

The contents of the first issue is listed below. The filename in the
ftp archive precedes the author and or title of each contribution.


Volume 1, Issue 1, June 1994


weint01.txt Irwin Weintraub
Fighting Environmental Racism: A Selected Annotated

An annotated bibliography of English language materials
on environmental discrimination against people of color
and the poor

flana01.txt Catherine Flanagan
Environmental Equity: Broadening the Scope
of Environmental Collections

Access to information on environmental equity,
environmental justice, and environmental racism

calki01.txt Laura M. Calkins
Research Note: Information on China's Environmental
Policies in United States and British Government
Monitoring Serials

Evaluation of sources for the study of
China's management of environmental issues

west01.txt Sharon M. West and Paul H. McCarthy
Polar Information: An International Approach

PolarPac - bibliography on Arctic and
Antarctic information

figure1.gif ** Figure 1. Date of Publication Distributions
figure2.gif ** Figure 2. Subject Coverage of Database

wln-ad.gif WLN PolarPac3 CD-ROM Advertisement

stoss01.txt Frederick W. Stoss
Environmental Education Resources: Government
Agencies, Research Facilities, and Professional

Educational materials on current environmental problems

groat01.txt Greta de Groat
Artists and the Environment: A report from the 81st
College Art Association Conference in Seattle

Examination of the change in environmental consciousness
concerning earthworks between the 1960s and the present

brisc01.txt Georgia Briscoe
Local Recycling Information Online

link01.txt Terry Link
Environmental Resources

News in brief of environmentally related publications,
online databases, and other resources

stoss02.txt Frederick W. Stoss reviews
5 Children's Environmental Books

peter01.txt Christina A. Peterson reviews
Environmental Hazards: Radioactive Materials, and
Wastes: A Reference Handbook

bolin01.txt Mary K. Bolin reviews
Bibliographic Guide to the Environment

barta01.txt Carol Barta reviews
Bush for the Bushmen

bero01.txt Bridget Bero reviews
Environmental Viewpoints

weint02.txt Irwin Weintraub reviews
Sustainable Investment and Resource Use: Equity,
Environmental Integrity, and Economic Efficiency

mcken01.txt Diane McKenzie reviews
My Walden: Tales From Dead Cow Gulch

kaag01.txt Cindy Kaag reviews
Ground Water Handbook

tobin01.txt R. James Tobin reviews
The Green Cathedral: Sustainable Development
of Amazonia

tobin02.txt R. James Tobin reviews
Beginning Again: People and Nature in the New Millenium

murphy01.txt Patricia Murphy reviews
Recycling in America: a Reference Handbook

janko01.txt Maria A. Jankowska reviews
Save My Rainforest

Mike Pollastro
Head, Reference Services
University of Idaho Library, Moscow, ID 83843
mikep@idui1.bitnet mikep@uidaho.edu
208-885-2504 (Voice) 208-885-6817 (Fax)

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