Electronic Journal of Digital Enterprise (EJDE)


Electronic Journal of Digital Enterprise (EJDE)


Since 2001, the Electronic Journal of Digital Enterprise

(EJDE) has been published to provide a forum for global

discussions by Digital Actors, and for the presentation by

researchers of case studies in distant management. The

Journal includes papers that explain concepts and practices

in distant management. The main goal of the journal is to

facilitate international growth in the body of research

which investigates the Web as a new phenomenon for

management and a new space for managers. The Web power as a

new management area has recently been discovered by the

management research community. New implementations and uses

of information and communication technologies inevitably

involve interactions between the Web and firms, and this is

the area in which we progress. The journal also includes the

presentation of theoretical approaches related to

implementations of Management Information System (M.I.S.),

Customer Relation Management (C.R.M.), Sales Force

Automation (S.F.A.), and Enterprise Resource Planning

(E.R.P.), as well as covering topics related but not

restricted to protocols and methods used by firms wanting to

implement an eBusiness world strategy. Prospective authors

should note that only original and unpublished manuscripts

will be considered. Interested authors should consult the

journal guidelines before manuscript submission. EJDE is a

double-blind, peer-reviewed journal. Anonymous manuscripts

circulate to reviewers for reading. Anonymous comments from

reviewers are then sent back to authors to guide revisions,

prior to acceptance of any manuscript for the Journal.

ISSN: 1776-2960

Contact: Dr. Pascal Pecquet

Email: pascal.pecquet@univ-montp1.fr

Subject: Internet, Digital Enterprise

Date Posted: 24th January, 2013

Original posting date: 
Thursday, January 24, 2013
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