Electronic Journal of Intimate Violence (EJINTVIO)


Electronic Journal of Intimate Violence (EJINTVIO)
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The Electronic Journal of Intimate Violence.

The Electronic Journal of Intimate Violence (EJINTVIO) is a new
electronic publication that will make use of the Internet to bring
you the latest information on the research and treatment of intimate
violence. Topics we will include are physical child abuse, sexual
child abuse, child neglect, physical spouse abuse, sexual spouse
abuse, psychological abuse, elder abuse, and dating violence, as well
as other related topics subscribers may wish to explore.

The Electronic Journal of Intimate Violence (EJINTVIO) will permit
current research briefs and clinical discussions to be published in a
much shorter timespan than hard copy journals, usually with
publication occurring within eight weeks of submission for accepted

The editors of EJINTVIO will accept submissions from undergraduate
students, graduate students, university faculty, and other
professionals engaged in the research and treatment of intimate
violence. All submissions will be reviewed by the editors, and
promissing ones will undergo peer review. In addition, there will be
a limitted number of invited submissions from leading scholars in the
field, which will bypass peer review. All submissions should be in a
modified A.P.A. format (instructions to follow) and should not
exceed 2000 words in length (about 8 pages, double spaced). All
subscribers are welcomed to submit manuscripts regarding intimate
violence or reply to recent articles. Submissions should be sent to
the Executive Editor via electronic mail (Glenn Wolfner

This journal will be available for free subscription on the Internet
We anticipate distributing the first issue around May 1, 1994.

For more information contact Glenn Wolfner, Assistant Director of
Family Violence Research Program at the University of Rhode Island.
Send comments and questions to the editors (FAMVIOL@uri.acc.edu).

The first few issues will include invited submissions by:

*Richard Gelles, an internationally recognized scholar on family

*Deb DeBare, Executive Director for a women's resource center and
shelter in Rhode Island,

*Jody Brown, a social psychologist working on the processes of change
for battered women, and

*Kevin Murphy, a clinician working with convicted offenders of family

To subscribe, send the following message in the first and only line
of text to LISTSERV@uriacc.uri.edu (or LISTSERV@URIACC.BITNET):

SUBSCRIBE EJINTVIO Yourfirstname Yourlastname

We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome your comments.

Owner: / Editor: Glenn Wolfner FAMVIOL@uriacc.uri.edu

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