Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies


Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 02:15:20 GMT
From: owner-newjour@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Subject: Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 18:52:56 +0200
From: au007@rs1.rrz.uni-koeln.de (Michael Uwe Moebius)

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 13:48:47 BST
From: WITZEL@husc3.harvard.edu (by way of d.keown@gold.ac.uk (Damien Keown))
Subject: NEW *electronic* VEDIC JOURNAL

Here are details of a new Indology journal being set up at Harvard. It's
still in the very early stages.

Friends and Colleagues,

This is to inform you of the new ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF VEDIC STUDIES, as
had earlier been announced locally. We have tested the various
technical procedures during the past few weeks, and today we have added
a home page on WWW. The announcement, taken from WWW, follows below.

Subscription is free and open to all. However, articles, news etc.
submitted to the journal are subject to review before publication.

Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies

(Link active 29 October 2009)

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Witzel
Managing Editor: Enrica Garzilli
Editorial Board: <exact composition to follow>

email: ejvs-list@husc.harvard.edu


This journal is open to all bona fide scholars in Vedic Studies. It is
monitored for style and content by the Editor-in-Chief.

Our aim is to disseminate our work quickly. There is copyright but with
automatic permission to publish anywhere else later on when the author
wishes to do so. We include articles, abstracts, reviews, and news
(such as on conferences, meetings, PhD projects of our students, etc.)
We may consider a column of answers to comments on articles published in
the journal, with final comment by the author (like the format used in
Current Anthropology).

The address is:

To subscribe, send a message to:
With this content :
subscribe ejvs-list your-name
e.g.: subscribe ejvs-list Joseph Green

You will then receive a brief greeting and some more information.

The home page on WWW is found at:

(Link inactive 29 October 2009)

So far it includes the home page description of the journal, a news page and
links (underlined) for direct subscription.

More details and news on the first issue to be announced soon.

SVAAGATAM, sukhinas te panthaasas santu!

Michael Witzel,
Wales Professor of Sanskrit &
Chair, Committee on South Asian Studies,
Harvard University
53 Church Street, Cambridge MA 02138m USA
phone 617 - 495 3295, 496 8570, fax 496 8571,
email: witzel@husc3.harvard.edu

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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