Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS


Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS

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Subject: Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS

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Subject: Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS

Note: Continued by Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences

(Link active 5 September 2007)


The American Mathematical Society announces the creation of a new
journal, Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS. ERA-AMS will
quickly publish high quality research announcements (up to about 10
journal pages) of significant advances in all branches of mathematics.
All papers will be reviewed. Authors may submit manuscripts to any
Editor. The entire Editorial Board must approve the acceptance of any

ERA-AMS is published on e-MATH and disseminated via the World Wide Web.
FTP and electronic mail access will be coming soon.

[First issue Table of Contents]

Pavel Etingof
Galois Groups and Connection Matrices for Difference Equations
William M. Goldman and Todd A. Drumm
Crooked Planes
Feng Luo
On Non-separating Simple Closed Curves in a Compact Surface
Alexey Kononenko
Twisted Cocycles and Rigidity Problems.
Ken Ono
Parity of the Partition Function
Masamichi Takesaki, Colin E. Sutherland and Yoshikazu Katayama
The Intrinsic Invariant of an Approximately Finite Dimensional Factor
and the Cocycle Conjugacy of Discrete Amenable Group Actions


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