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Environmental Law & Management


ISSN: 1099-0941

The aim of Environmental Law & Management is to provide lawyers, and other
concerned professionals such as environmental consultants and managers in
commerce and industry, with a coverage of rapidly developing issues in
Environmental Law that is both contemporaneous and authoritative,
combining the approaches of reporting developments and ensuring they are
analysed so that their implications may be assessed.

The objectives which the journal seeks to pursue in this connection are to
provide accurate and up to date reports of recent developments in case
law, statute and policy, and to reinforce this with in-depth analysis in
the form of both articles and shorter items. To bring this about the best
of both the academic and the practical approaches to legal writing are
combined, thus ensuring rigorous analysis that never loses sight of the
everyday practical needs of readers. The bi-monthly publication pattern
enables the editorial team to provide coverage of events that is up to
date without being either superficial or a mere exercise in simplistic
scare-mongering. Environmental Law and Management does not say to industry
and commerce "there is a problem here, you ought to be worried" - with the
implied message "contact your lawyers, they can make money out of this".
No, our intention is to inform and educate so that if there are issues of
concern the readership will know why and will thus be able to make more
informed decisions. In achieving these objectives special attention will
be given to matters concerning Scotland - too often a forgotten partner in
the Union of Kingdoms - and to matters arising within the European Union.

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