Environmental Quality Management


Environmental Quality Management


Publisher: Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Four times a year, this practical journal shows you how to improve
environmental performance and exceed new voluntary standards such as ISO
14000. In each issue, you'll find in-depth articles and the most current
case studies of successful environmental quality improvement efforts -- and
guidance on how you can apply these goals to your organization.

Written by leading industry experts and practitioners, Environmental Quality
Management brings you innovative practices in Performance
Measurement...Life-Cycle Assessments...Safety Management... Environmental
Auditing...ISO 14000 Standards and Certification...'Green
Accounting'...Environmental Communication...Sustainable Development Issues.

Articles should be informative and practical. The primary audience for
Environmental Quality Management includes environmental managers, engineers,
quality directors, and other environmental professionals.

Articles should be informative and analytical, but not narrowly technical.
We seek material that will keep our readers up to date on both legal and
practical developments in environmental management of business

Online ISSN: 1520-6483
Print ISSN: 1088-1913


Ginger Griffin

Email: griffinworks@verizon.net

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Current Issue: Volume 16 Issue 2 Winter 2006

Date: 7 February 2007

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007
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