Environmental Toxicology


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Subject: Environmental Toxicology
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Environmental Toxicology


ISSN: 1522-7278

Environmental Toxicology is an international journal that publishes
original research papers, short communications, critical reviews, and
technical methods papers on fundamental, theoretical, and applied aspects
of environmental toxicology to reflect the recent expansion of its aims
and scope. In the context of this journal, environmental toxicology
encompasses environmental health, public health, ecosystem health, and
water, air, and soil quality as well as other research subjects closely
related to these study areas. Whereas studies on environmental toxicology
are multidisciplinary in nature, this journal will include contributions
from, but not limited to, the following areas: mechanisms and processes
depicting the dynamic interactions between chemicals and all biota,
including human, such as metabolism, biodegradation, biotransformation,
bioconcentration, bioremediation, fate and pathways of chemicals,
synergism and antagonism, and biodiversity; design, development, and
refinement of short-term and long-term bioassay techniques/procedures for
assessing chemical persistence, toxicity, genotoxicity, mutagenicity,
carcinogenicity, hazard, and impact; epidemiology, public health issues,
risk and exposure analysis, ecosystem impact assessment, and
environmental, industrial, and occupational health/hazard assessment;
management of toxic substances in the environment: generation, collection,
storage, and treatment; water, air, and soil quality criteria, guidelines
and policy development, and international cooperation for global
environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Two main sections in the journal are Regular Reports, which contain
original research and review contributions, and Technical Methods, which
feature detailed analytical techniques/procedures. Occasionally, Letters
to the Editors concerning the critical discussion of recently published
papers, or news of interesting events, or book reviews will also be
published. From time to time, Environmental Toxicology will publish issues
devoted exclusively to special topics, e.g., cyanobacterial toxins (Volume
14, Issue 1, 1999), that are subjects of timely interest and importance to
researchers, managers, and policy makers in the field of environmental
toxicology and health.

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Editor: Ian R. Falconer
Email: ifalconer@medicine.adelaide.edu.au

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