Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations [Open Access]


Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations [Open Access]


Publisher: BioMed Central

Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations is an open access,
peer-reviewed, online journal of epidemiologic research methods,
applications, critical overviews, teaching tools, perspectives, and
other analytic work.

Epidemiology, is a critically important field in informing clinical,
policy, and individual health decisions. It is a young field,
experiencing major fundamental advances every year, however the high
social value of its results means the science is primarily devoted to
producing immediate results. Yet existing journals almost exclusively
publish reports of new epidemiologic study results, leaving few pages
available for other contributions to the science and its applications.
Such contributions, including policy applications of epidemiologic
findings, new methodology, critical overviews of the field, re-analyses
of previous findings, and methods for teaching and communicating,
require thoughtful, critical scholarly discussion.

Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations provides a forum for such
contributions - anything in or about epidemiology other than just
reporting new study findings. Of particular interest are articles about
policy, philosophy, and practices in the field, which do not relegate to
commentary or discussion, but are treated as analytic work.
Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations emphasizes articles that are
accessible and of interest to a broad range of health researchers,
teachers, practitioners, and policy makers, rather than those that
appeal primarily to a few specialists in a particular subfield.

Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations considers the following types
of articles:

* Analytic Perspectives - articles, which can be epidemiology-based
policy analysis, critical analyses of the field and its practices,
various contributions to methodology, philosophy, or other perspectives
on the field. These articles are not commentary or debate, and do not
fit in the format of a research article.
* Research - reports of data from original research.
* Commentaries - short, focused and opinionated articles on any
subject within the journal's scope. These articles are usually related
to a contemporary issue, such as recent research findings, and are often
written by opinion leaders invited by the Editorial Board.
* Software articles - descriptions of the source code for software
applications, tools or algorithm implementations. Typically, an archive
of the source code of the current version of the software should be
included with the submitted manuscript as a supplementary file.
* Database articles - descriptions of a new database or a
substantial improvement of an existing database (for example by an
expansion of data to broaden the range of users, or by a major increase
in functionality).

ISSN: 1742-5573


Assistant Professor Corinne Aragaki
Epidemiology and Biostatistics University of Texas School of Public Health
University of Texas
School of Public Health
United States

Email: Corinne.Aragaki@UTSouthwestern.edu

Professor Carl V. Phillips
Management and Policy Sciences University of Texas School of Public Health
University of Texas Health Science Center
United States

Email: epiperspectives@yahoo.com

Abstracts available online. Articles available in HTML and PDF format.

Current Issue: 1:4 (8 October 2004)

Date: 6 Dec. 2004

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Monday, December 6, 2004
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