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A Journal of the British Equine Veterinary Association

Equine Veterinary Journal (EJV) publishes articles with original and important findings with potential for progress in clinical practice. Contributions are received from sources worldwide, including North America, Europe and Australia.

All papers published in the journal are subjected to rigorous peer review. They present new developments in research being carried out by universities, veterinary schools and institutes devoted to equine and/or comparative physiology, pathology, medicine or surgery, and from clinicians in practice.

The journal strives to publish clinically orientated work and categorises articles into Reviews, Science: Overviews, General Articles, Clinical Evidence Articles, Short Communications and Case Reports.

EVJ produces reviews of scientific workshops and Supplements and Special Issues devoted to specific topics, such as Exercise Physiology, Locomotion, Immunology, Colic, Evidence-Based Medicine, Laminitis and Conformation.

Print ISSN: 0425-1644
Online ISSN: 2042-3306

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Peter Rossdale

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Current Issue: Volume 42 Issue 5 (July 2010)

Date: 20 July 2010

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
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