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Ethnography is an international and interdisciplinary journal for the
ethnographic study of social and cultural change. Bridging the chasm between
sociology and anthropology, it is becoming the leading network for
dialogical exchanges between monadic ethnographers and those from all
disciplines involved and interested in ethnography and society. It seeks to
promote embedded research that fuses close-up observation, rigorous theory
and social critique.

The journal publishes pieces in a variety of formats and styles (ranging
from analytical articles, epistemological tracts and photographic essays to
experimental narratives) and is keen to broadcast work "fresh from the
field", including that conducted by younger practitioners of ethnography.

Ethnography addresses ethnographic findings and methods in a broad
interdisciplinary understanding of culture, domination and social structure.
It fosters work that pays equal attention to the minutiae of experience, the
cultural texture of social relations, and to the remote structural forces
and power vectors that bear on them. The journal also re-engages field-based
research with larger sociopolitical projects, including the identification
and formulation of the different possibilities of 'social becoming' in an
era of intense change.

Ethnography operates as an international forum for the collective
development of a theoretically informed methodology for ethnography.
Offering an alternative to both naturalistic qualitative research and
abstract social theory, it publishes articles that stress the need for an
encompassing theoretical sensibility involved in how ethnography is actually
practised and written.

Ethnography publishes papers in a wider variety of formats, genres, and
styles than any comparable journal in order to give free rein and full bloom
to the ethnographic imagination. In addition to standard research articles,
it includes the following rubrics:

"Tales from the Field": experimental or narrative pieces that take the
reader into a particular social world and convey the 'feel' of an event,
relation, situation, place, or phenomenon through depictive techniques and
textual devices that foreground lived experience and carnal presence

"Field for Thought": a forum for provocative ideas, pointed polemics, short
papers and vigorous interventions that do not usually appear in polished
scholarly format and lend themselves to fruitful debate

"Ethnography's Kitchen": a 'how-to' section featuring critical reflections
on the practice of fieldwork designed to foster reflexivity in ethnography
so as to clarify and bolster the standards of the craft

Thematic Issues: examining topics of wide scholarly as well as civic
interest that bring together inquirers from several disciplines who do not
normally engage each other. The first two special issues dealt with "Global
Ethnography" (guest edited by Michael Burawoy) and "Dissecting the Prison";
the next two will address "Pierre Bourdieu in the Field" and "Phenomenology
in Ethnography" (guest edited by Tom Csordas and Jack Katz).

ISSN: 1466-1381


US editoral office:

Loïc Wacquant
Department of Sociology
University of California-Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720


UK/Europe editorial office:

Professor Paul Willis
Darwin Building
Keele University
North Staffordshire
ST5 5BG, England
United Kingdon


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Current Issue: March 1 2005, Volume 6, No. 1

Date: 1 August 2005

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Monday, August 1, 2005
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