Extensão Rural


Extensão Rural


Description: Extensão Rural is a scientific journal published by
Departamento de Educação Agrícola e Extensão Rural do Centro de
Ciências Rurais da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM). It
brings new works to the public in the form of scientific papers and
literature reviews. In recognition of its 20 years of existence, this
year (2013) the magazine will present its readers with the publication
of three unpublished numbers. Extensão Rural publishes original works
in the form of scientific papers and literature reviews in the
following areas: i) Rural Development, ii) Rural Economics and
Management, iii) Rural Sociology and Anthropology, iv) Extension and
Rural Communication, v) Environment and Sustainability, vi) Health and
Work in Rural Areas.

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Frequency: Annual

Fee information current as of 2 May 2013

Open Access: Yes

Subscription fee or article fee: No

Publication fee for authors: No

Abstracts: Yes

Abstracts language: Portuguese

P-ISSN: 1415-7802


Email: atendimento.extensao.rural@gmail.com

Start year: 1993

Keywords: Rural Development

Subject: Social Sciences, Economics, Earth and Environmental Science

Date posted: 2 May 2013

Open Access: 
Original posting date: 
Thursday, May 2, 2013
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