F S Journal of Pharmacy Research


F S Journal of Pharmacy Research


Publisher: Fons Scientia

Language: English

Frequency: Quarterly

FS Journal of Pharmacy Research (FS-JPR) provides a platform

to the academic and research fraternity to present their

significant research findings in the area of Pharmaceutical

Sciences. FS-JPR covers research papers from drug design and

discovery to formulation studies through non clinical and

clinical studies. Publication in FS-JPR are invited in the areas of

Molecular Modeling studies covering Quantitative Structure-

Activity Relationship (QSAR) studies, docking studies

Synthesis and Structure Characterization of novel compounds

In vitro and In Vivo studies on herbal extracts with

medicinal values

Pre Formulation studies

Novel Drug Delivery systems

Formulation studies

Contact: jpharmres@fonscientia.com

E-ISSN 2278–2818

Contact: Deepika Maliwal

E-mail: jpharmres@fonscientia.comEmail: office@fonscientia.com

Start Year: 2012

Subject: Pharmaceuticals, Drugs

Date Posted: 19 February, 2013

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
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