Faraday Transactions (Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics)


Subject: Faraday Transactions (Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics)
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 16:42:51 -0500 (EST)

Faraday Transactions (Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics)


ISSN 0956-5000

Faraday Transactions (Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics) is a
subscription-based electronic version of the print journal of the sa,e
title published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK.
Full-text is available to subscribers as PDF files.

About the Journal:

Faraday Transactions seeks to publish new, original research,
covering the areas of physical chemistry, chemical physics and
biophysical chemistry, and includes papers on:

gas-phase kinetics and dynamics
molecular beam kinetics and spectroscopy
photochemistry and photophysics
energy transfer and relaxation processes
laser-induced chemistry
spectrosopy of molecules and gas-phase complexes
quantum chemistry and molecular structure
statistical mechanics of gaseous molecules and complexes
spectroscopy, statistical mechanics and quantum theory of
the condensed phase
computational chemistry and molecular dynamics
colloid and interface science
surface science
physisorption and chromatographic science
chemisorption and heterogeneous catalysis
zeolites and ion-exchange phenomena
electrode processes
liquids and solutions
solid-state chemistry (microstructures and dynamics)
reactions in condensed phases
physical chemistry of macromolecules and polymers
materials science
biophysical chemistry and radiation chemistry

Faraday Transactions is a highly respected, interdisciplinary
journal dedicated to publishing innovative research, covering all
aspects of physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry and
chemical physics. Published twice monthly, Faraday
Transactions contains Research Papers, Faraday Research
Articles and Faraday Communications. Faraday Research
Articles are invited, high profile, topical research articles of
interest to the broad readership of the journal. Faraday
Communications are for the rapid publication of important new
work and are published within twelve weeks of receipt.

Recent Contents:

Contents list for issue 2 of Faraday
Transactions, 1998

Research Papers

Diffusion of electrically neutral radicals and anion
radicals created by photochemical reactions
Koichi Okamoto, Noboru Hirota and Masahide Terazima
Laser flash photolysis studies of some rhodamine
dyes. Characterisation of the lowest excited singlet
state of Rhodamine 3B, Sulforhodamine B and
Solforhodamine 101
Paul C. Beaumont, David G. Johnson and Barry J.
Group electronegativities from electronegativity
equilibration. Applications to organic
Derek W. Smith
Benzene-dimethyl ketone association. Excess molar
enthalpy of (cyclohexane + dimethyl ketone)(g) and
(benzene + dimethyl ketone)(g) from temperatures of
353.2 to 403.2 K
C. J. Wormald and J. C. Mayr
Capillary electrophoresis with chemical reaction.
Effect of ionic strength
D. Šnita, H. Ševcíková, J. Lindner, M. Marek and J. H.
Electrical properties of wood. Determination of ionic
transference numbers and electroosmotic water flow
in Pinus sylvestris L. (Scots pine)
Paul J. Simons, Michael Spiro and John F. Levy
Circular dichroism (CD) study of peridinin-chlorophyll
a protein (PCP) complexes from marine dinoflagellate
algae. The tetramer approach
Mariusz Pilch and Marek Pawlikowski
Becker–Döring model of self-reproducing vesicles
Peter V. Coveney and Jonathan A. D. Wattis



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