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Subject: FAXNEWZ (Update)

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 15:49:59 -0500 (CDT)
From: "John J. Allan III" <jallan@integctr.com>
Subject: Updated Announcement re FAXNEWZ


Update re: FAXNEWZ ISSN 1081-2717

New edition with new handouts available at http://www.integctr.com/ or
info@integctr.com. Issue in the Home Page now has many reference links
for related personnel security information.

LONG Version:


Description: A one page newsletter on matters relating to personnel
security, produced every six weeks by The Integrity
Center Inc., a pre-employment screening agency. It is
a summary of our monthly library research, and steers
you to relevant current articles. Free handouts are
usually made available to supplement various references.
Home Page provides links to other risk information

ISSN: 1081-2717


First Electronic Issue: February, 1992 -- Vol. 1, No. 1

Peer Reviewed: Yes

Formats: Web Server --- HTML
Infobot --- ascii
FAX --- mixed typeset

Distribution: Infobot (mail server)
Broadcast Fax

Frequency: Every 6 weeks

Number of Subscribers: Broadcast Fax = 1,988, plus Internet accesses.

Language: English

Listings with any Abstract or Indexing Services: None

How to Subscribe/Access: WWW --- http://www.integctr.com/
E-Mail --- send mail to: info@integctr.com
Fax-On-Demand --- from ANY phone
(214) 484-2147
Broadcast Fax --- Call (800) 456-1811, and
and ask to be on the list.

Related Lists or Newsgroups: Corporate Security
Employee Screening
Human Resources
Personnel Security
Risk Management

Back Issues Available? Yes

Back Issue Means of Access: pre-1995, by U.S. Mail
after 1/95, via E-Mail

URL: http://www.integctr.com/

Contact Person: Dr. John Allan

Issuing Agency: The Integrity Center Inc.

Mailing Address: 2828 Forest Lane, # 1008
Dallas, Texas 75234

Voice Phone: (214) 484-6140 or (800) 456-1811

FAX: (214) 484-6381

E-Mail Address: General --- info@integctr.com
Specific --- jallan@integctr.com
Technical --- webmaster@integctr.com

KEY Words: Security
Pre-Employment Screening
Personnel Security
Risk Management
Corporate Security
Background Checking
Post-Employment Screening
Criminal Conviction Histories
Drug Testing
Background Verification

Copyright Statement: Copyright (c) 1995 The Integrity Center Inc.

John J. Allan III, PhD, Pres. * The Integrity Center Inc. * Dallas, Texas
(214) 484-6140 * (800) 456-1811 * FAX:(214) 484-6381 * FOD:(214) 484-2147
Pre-/Post-Employment Screening <*> "objective risk management information"
Home Page: http://www.integctr.com/ *** Infobot: info@integctr.com

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