Feminist Criminology


Feminist Criminology


Publisher: SAGE Publications

Feminist Criminology‹an innovative new journal that is dedicated to research
related to women, girls, and crime within the context of a feminist critique
of criminology‹will unveil its premier issue in January 2006. Published
quarterly by Sage Publications as the official journal of the Division on
Women and Crime of the American Society of Criminology, this international
publication focuses on research and theory that highlights the gendered
nature of crime.

The feminist critique of criminology incorporates a perspective that the
paths to crime differ for males and females. Therefore, research that uses
sex as a control variable often fails to illuminate the factors that predict
female criminality. Feminist Criminology provides a venue for articles that
place women in the center of the research question, answering different
questions than the mainstream approach of controlling for sex.

Feminist Criminology will feature research utilizing both quantitative and
qualitative methodology and will include insightful topics such as:

* Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Diversity in the Study of Women and Crime
* Cross-Cultural / International Perspectives on Women and Crime
* Women Working in the Criminal Justice Profession
* How Women Offenders Are Treated in the Criminal Justice System
* Women as Victims
* Feminist Theories of Crime

Online ISSN: 1557-086X
Print ISSN: 1557-0851


Susan F. Sharp, Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma
780 Van Vleet Oval, KH 331
Norman, OK 73019

Email: femcrim@ou.edu

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Current Issue: January 1 2006, Volume 1, No. 1

Date: 15 December 2005

Original posting date: 
Thursday, December 15, 2005
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