First Language


First Language

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Child language research is multidisciplinary and this is reflected in the
contents of the journal: research from diverse theoretical and
methodological traditions is welcome. Authors from a wide range of
disciplines - including psychology, linguistics, anthropology, cognitive
science, neuroscience, communication, sociology and education - are
regularly represented in our pages. Empirical papers range from individual
case studies, through experiments, observational/ naturalistic, analyses of
CHILDES corpora, to parental surveys.

The journal encourages submissions in all of the following areas: syntactic,
semantic, morphological, phonological, and pragmatic development; language
and cognitive development; language and social development; language and
educational development; language of children with developmental disorders;
specific language impairment; exceptional language abilities; bilingual
development; role of parental speech; interrelationships between language
and nonverbal development; relationships between language and literacy;
discourse analysis; socio-economic factors and language acquisition;
preverbal communication; language development across cultures; language and
ethnic development; measurement and analysis issues in child language

Potential authors who are unsure of the relevance of their work to the
journal's scope are welcome to contact the Editor directly for advice.

ISSN: 0142-7237


Dr Kevin Durkin
School of Psychology
University of Western Australia
Crawley, Western Australia 6009

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Current Issue: October 1 2005, Volume 25, No. 3

Date: 21 October 2005

Original posting date: 
Friday, October 21, 2005
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