Frontiers in Zoology


Frontiers in Zoology

Publisher: BioMed Central

Frontiers in Zoology is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal
publishing high quality research articles and reviews on all aspects of
animal life.

As a biological discipline, zoology has one of the longest histories.
Today it occasionally appears as though, due to the rapid expansion of
life sciences, zoology has been replaced by more or less independent
sub-disciplines amongst which exchange is often sparse. However, the
recent advance of molecular methodology into "classical" fields of
biology, and the development of theories that can explain phenomena on
different levels of organisation, has led to a re-integration of
zoological disciplines promoting a broader than usual approach to
zoological questions. Zoology has re-emerged as an integrative
discipline encompassing the most diverse aspects of animal life, from
the level of the gene to the level of the ecosystem.

Frontiers in Zoology is the first Open Access journal focussing on
zoology as a whole. It aims to represent and re-unite the various
disciplines that look at animal life from different perspectives and at
providing the basis for a comprehensive understanding of zoological
phenomena on all levels of analysis. Frontiers in Zoology provides a
unique opportunity to publish high quality research and reviews on
zoological issues that will be internationally accessible to any reader
at no cost.

The journal was initiated and is supported by the Deutsche Zoologische
Gesellschaft, one of the largest national zoological societies with more
than a century-long tradition in promoting high-level zoological research.

Frontiers in Zoology considers the following types of articles:

* Research articles - reports of data from original research.
* Book reviews - short summaries of the strengths and weaknesses of
a book. They should evaluate its overall usefulness to the intended
* Commentaries - short, focused and opinionated articles on any
subject within the scope of the journal. These articles are usually
related to a contemporary issue, such as recent research findings, and
are often written by opinion leaders invited by the Editorial Board.
* Debate articles - present an argument that is not essentially
based on practical research. Debate articles can report on all aspects
of the subject including sociological and ethical aspects.
* Hypotheses - short articles presenting an untested original
hypothesis backed solely by previously published results rather than any
new evidence. They outline significant progress in thinking that would
also be testable.
* Methodology articles - present a new experimental method, test or
procedure. The method may either be completely new, or may offer a
better version of an existing method. The article must describe a
demonstrable advance on what is currently available.
* Reviews - comprehensive, authoritative descriptions of any
subject within the scope of Frontiers in Zoology. These articles are
usually written by opinion leaders invited by the Editorial Board.
* Short reports - brief reports of data from original research.

ISSN: 1742-9994


Dr. Jürgen Heinze
Professor of Biology
University of Regensburg


Professor Diethard Tautz
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics
University of Köln


Abstracts available online. Articles available in HTML and PDF format.

Current Issue: 1:6 (24 November 2004)

Date: 13 Dec. 2004

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Monday, December 13, 2004
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