The Frugal Tribune Newsletter


The Frugal Tribune Newsletter

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 03:04:18 GMT
Subject: The FRUGAL TRIBUNE Newsletter

Date: Wed Mar 29 02:32:05 1995
From: Linda Henneman <>
Subject: _THE FRUGAL TRIBUNE_ Newsletter

I'd like to announce the launching of_The Frugal Tribune_ Newsletter.
This monthly publication provides information on all aspects of living
frugally. Although it may be helpful to many people, it's geared toward
urban renters--who face certain unique challenges in their quest to live
in a more economical manner.

All subscribers to the newsletter are entitled to also sign up for a
mailing list on frugality called "frugal-l." It's meant to serve as the
"readers' suggestions" section of the newsletter and is open *only* to
newsletter subscribers. Regular and digest versions are available. A
continuously updated index is also available and topics of interest
mailed upon request.

This is a paid subscription newsletter ($6/yr) which offers a money-back
guarantee. To request a sample issue and subscription information, send
e-mail to:

Linda Henneman
Author and Publisher
Irrepressible Press
P.O. Box 590978
San Francisco, CA 94159 Ph: (415) 474-8641 E-mail:

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Saturday, July 29, 1995
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