Fryburger, The


Fryburger, The

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Subject: Fryburger, The

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Subject: Fryburger, The
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We are Freiburg's one and only English language magazine and this our
first attempt to move into cyberspace. Our focus is fiction, that is
short stories, poetry, interviews with various authors, reviews and of
course also the ocassional piece of non-fiction.

{Table of Contents, Current issue]


Keith Abbott interviewed by Frank Borsch. Keith Abbott was born in
Tacoma/Washington in 1944. He spent most of his youth there and
his recollections of growing up in the northwest of the United
States are the basis for his best known work, the Northwest Stories.

William Gibson interviewed by Giuseppe Salza. Gibson on the making
of Johnny Mnemonic.


Creating Utopia by Hilke Kuhlmann. Deep in the Sonoran desert of
northern Mexico, a group of dedicated scientists is living a
life-long experiment. Their goal: creating a healthier, more
cooperative society based on the principles of behaviorism.


I Remember Jeep by Alexander Laurence
Symmetry by Tamarine Cornelius
The Food of Grandma Mugwump's Desire by Doug Rice
First on the Block by Donald N.S. Unger


In The Mechanical Distorting Mirror by Lyn Lifshin
Breaking Out, Breaking In by Craig Paulenich
Book Fine by Scott Nelson


Richard Appignanesi's Postmodernism For Beginners reviewed by
Jon-K Adams

Kim Stanley Robinson's Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias
reviewed by Frank Borsch

John Brooks' Die Geister Grossbritanniens... reviewed by Steve Caldow

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