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The Gaslight Review of Books
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The Gaslight Review of Books

Now Accepting Submissions

The Gaslight Review is a free electronic newsletter
devoted to the genre fiction of Victorian and
Pre-Victorian authors. The Review will be posted to
various Mailing Lists and Newsgroups on at least a monthly

The Gaslight Review is based in the Gaslight mailing list.
(See below for more information on Gaslight)

The Review is currently accepting submissions for the next
issue. The deadline for submissions is April 12 1994.

We are looking for reviews of books relating to Victorian
genre fiction, these may be critical works, collections,
pastiches or what have you. We will also accept reviews of
work in other media such as films or TV and radio
productions. Reviews may range in length from a paragraph
to a page or more. The editors reserve the right to edit
the length of articles.

Any manner of genre is acceptable. The Review will be
focusing on tales of mystery, detection and the weird.
Suitable works include Holmesian scholarship and pastiche,
the works of Poe, Lovecraft, Collins, etc.., Penny
dreadfuls and modern fiction set in Victorian times. These
are just a very few subjects we would like to cover.

Please include as much information about the book (or film
etc..) as possible. If you would like to rate the work
please use a simple 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the lowest, five
the highest. You may rate a book 3 gasogenes,
4 Deerstalkers or 5 Ravens or what have you.

Please send all submissions, questions and suggestions to

Hunter Peters

The following is excerpted from the Gaslight Mailinglist Welcome message;
Do not send Review material to the list! Send it to
(Stuff deleted)

Fellow readers by Gaslight,

Please take a moment or few to read and respond to
this survey for The Gaslight Review of Books. Each month
the Review will publish the results of a different survey.
Feel free to include questions you would like to see on
future surveys. The responses can be anonymous if you
like, just tell me you'd like to remain anonymous and
consider it done. This survey is open to all, feel free to
post it anywhere you think it might be enjoyed.

As always send your responses to me, not to the
list. The address is

The deadline for responses is April 14.

Thank you for your time!,

1) Name
Years online
Type of site most

2) Favorite Gaslight Author(s)

3) Favorite Gaslight List Story and Discussion
(for Gaslight List subscribers)

4) Overall Favorite Gaslight Era Book or Story
Choose up to five (5)

4) What would you like to read/discuss on Gaslight?

5) What contemporary authors evoke the same feelings for
you as your favorite Gaslight Era writers?

6) Which Gaslight author(s) do you think would be
successful in todays market (as modern authors). What type
of work do you think they might turn out?

7) Should Sherlockian's take the Grand Game seriously? Do
you feel the Game detracts from ACD's legacy?

8) Is genre fiction of the Gaslight Era superior to modern
genre fiction?

9) Should The Gaslight Review of Books include fiction
(both public domain and\or fan-produced pastiche)?

10) There is no tenth question.

Please send all responses to
Deadline for responses is April 14 1994
The Gaslight Review of Books is a free electronic
newsletter covering the genre fiction of the Victorian era
and earlier. For more information on submissions contact

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