General Science Journal


General Science Journal

The original and continued purpose of the General Science Journal is
to provide an

opportunity for public presentation of scientific theories without prior and

arbitrary assessment, criticism or rejection by the recipient. Judgement by the

few runs counter to the spirit of scientific exploration. The internet
provides a

potential world of criticism and support. Authors who make their theories

known in this manner will probably find both.

Papers on all aspects of science and philosophy are accepted. Readers who

have opinions on the subjects are encouraged to participate. Your research

papers or communications may be submitted at no cost to the respective GSJ

Editors (see listing), or an annual subscription may be purchased which allows

entry of your personal profile, areas of interest, contact information etc.

Included, is the ability to post and edit your own papers in multiple

languages, within the guidelines established. A significant feature is the

ability of your readers to post comments on your profile, and for you to

respond. You may also use this feature by contacting persons of interest to

read your papers and requesting they leave comments.

Contact: André Michaud: Administrator, Managing Editor for North
America, Africa, Australia


Subject: Science, Philosophy

Date Posted: 26th January, 2013

Original posting date: 
Monday, January 28, 2013
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