Genome Biology


Genome Biology

Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd.

Genome Biology gives individuals free access to primary research
articles and deposits research in PubMed Central. It also sifts,
reviews, reports, highlights and assesses the significance of the most
important findings in post-genomic biology as they occur.

Genome Biology serves the biological research community as an
international forum, both in print and on the web, for the
dissemination, discussion and critical review of information about all
areas of biology informed by genomic research. Key objectives are to
provide a guide to the rapidly developing resources and technology in
genomics and its impact on biological research, to publish large
datasets and extensive results that are not readily accommodated in
traditional journals, and to help establish new standards and
nomenclature for post-genomic biology.

The journal offers two distinct types of publication:

- Regular systematic reviews, critical assessments, reports, research news
and commentary on genomics and on biology as it is informed by genomics,
including timely, topical and authoritative reports of work published
elsewhere (either in print or on the web).

- Publication of primary research in all fields of biology informed by
genomics and all aspects of genomic research. All primary research
articles are available free to all individuals through the web.

The journal will also offer a preprint depository to which authors may
submit work for free distribution over the web. Discussion and comment on
articles published in Genome Biology is encouraged, in particular through
the Genome Biology website.

Print ISSN: 1465-6906
Online ISSN: 1465-6914

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Thursday, October 2, 2003
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