Geographica Helvetica


Geographica Helvetica

Publisher: Copernicus Publications

Language: German, French, Italian, English

Country: Switzerland

Frequency: Quarterly

Subscription Fee: No

The agenda of Geographica Helvetica, the Swiss Journal of Geography,
is related to the specificity of Swiss geography as a meeting ground
for different geographical traditions and languages (German, French,
Italian and, more recently, a type of transnational, mainly
English-speaking geography). The journal aims to become an ideal
platform for the development of an informed, creative, and truly
cosmopolitan geography. The journal will therefore provide space for
cross-border theoretical debates around major thinkers past and
present and the circulation of geographical ideas and concepts across
Europe and beyond. The journal seeks to be a platform of debate also
through innovative publication formats in its section "Interfaces",
which publishes shorter interventions: reflection pieces on major
thinkers as well as position papers

Geographica Helvetica is promoted and supported by the following
institutions: Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT); Geographic and
Ethnological Society of Zurich/Geographisch-Ethnographische
Gesellschaft Zürich (GEGZ); Swiss Association of Geography/Association
Suisse de Géographie (ASG).

P-ISSN: 0016-7312

E-ISSN: 2194-8798

Editor: Martin Hoelzle


Start Year: 1946

Subject: Geography, Switzerland

Date Posted: 8 March, 2013

Original posting date: 
Friday, March 8, 2013
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