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Global Recycling Network (GRN)
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 1994 23:12:22 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: Global Recycling Network

NOTE the newsletter that is part of this Internet service.

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What is GRN?

Global Recycling Network (GRN) is an information service set up
on the Internet to help businesses around the world in exchanging trade
leads of recyclable goods. A wide variety of new leads are added every
day directly by subscribers from businesses worldwide to GRN's database.
Thousands of items ranging from consumer goods closeout lots to
refurbished computer and telecom equipment, from industrial byproducts
resold as raw resources to heavy industrial machinery: it's all there.
GRN is the missing link between the overproduction of the industrialized
nations and the hunger for goods of developing countries.

A great number of businesses are faced every day with the
problem of excess inventory, be it outdated products, uncollected
orders, slightly imperfect items or old equipment and machinery. In
turn other businesses, especially in developing countries, struggle to
find alternative sources that allow them to buy raw materials,
manufactured goods and used equipment at competitive prices on the
secondary market.

So, to assist these businesses in turning their inventory losses
into new-found profits, or to purchase goods at affordable prices, GRN
created an Internet- linked database that allows them to make contact
with an entirely new, constantly expanding market of buyers and sellers
throughout the world.

GRN's Service

GRN is not a sales agent. Nor does it act as a sales
representative for a manufacturer's products. GRN's service is designed
instead to assure clients that there is no conflict with their own sales
staff or sales methods. What GRN offers to subscribing businesses is
the opportunity to reach the global market place through its trade leads
database,accessible from over 100 countries worldwide. And GRN does not
get involved in the actual trading, nor does it accept commissions for
completed sales. It acts simply as an information exchange leading to a
new, faster and more direct way of doing business.

Database Structure

GRN's database is divided into three sections. The first
contains the trade leads searchable with key-words by type of
lead,country of origin and type of goods.

The second contains a Recycling Newsletter, updated regularly,
that focuses on worldwide business news in the field of recycling:
market insights, company news, resource prices, new regulatory issues or
government programs in specific countries and technical updates.

The third contains supplementary directory information geared to
assist those businesses that have successfully contacted a possible
trading partner through a GRN lead. The directory entries, organized by
country, include logistic operators (shipping agents, freight
forwarders, customs brokers etc.), and legal operators (international
trade specialists). The directories can be searched with key-words by
country, city and type of service offered.


There are two options. Businesses that are not connected to the
Internet can join as simple advertisers and submit their trade leads by
fax through GRN. The charge is a flat fee of US$ 15 per month for an
unlimited number of leads.

Businesses that have access to the Internet can join as
interactive subscribers and get full access to GRN's database directly
from their desktop. This allows them to post directly on-line as many
leads as they like, browse those that are in the database, read GRN's
current Recycling Newsletter or search in the past issues, and access
GRN's worldwide directories of Logistic and Legal operators who can help
them complete their transactions. The charge is a flat fee of US$ 30
per month conveniently charged to the subscriber's credit card account.
There are no sign up fees, connect time charges or display charges.
Subscribers receive a secure password and full instructions on how to
use the service.

The above information, together with a free trial offer and
subscription form are available through the following:

E-mail: send any message to <> for an automated

World Wide Web: visit GRN's Home Page at <>

Fax-back: dial +1-516-286-3681 from any fax machine (without
introducing paper) and press <Start> when you hear the fax tone on our

Subscribing is easily accomplished by filling out the
subscription form and faxing it back to GRN. For further inquiries or
information, please send e-mail to <> or send a fax to

Resource recyclers, used merchandise dealers or any business
confronted with the problem of excess inventory or the need to buy goods
at affordable prices: all can take advantage of Global Recycling
Network's program. GRN offers them the possibility to expand into a
wider, growing, worldwide recycling market, to make new trade contacts
and gain new ways of doing business. The information revolution is
changing the way we work and bringing the global market place to our
desktops. GRN offers a chance to step into the future.


Note to Editors:
For further information contact Enrico Sala at +1-516-286-5580

TEL 1-516-286 5580 FAX 1-516-286 5551 e-mail <>


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