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Subject: Glow

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Subject: Glow
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Glow is a New York magazine about the world.

[Presently available over the WWW. Therer are plans to issue a CD-ROM
version. Some articles contain video clips.]

[Contents for current issue]

Introduction: To Our Readers: Hello! We're glad you made it!

Cover: Young Tibet. Three and a half decades ago, as Lhasa was about to
fall to the invading Chinese, the Dalai Lama escaped beneath the cover
of a sandstorm to India and to exile. As the influence of his
generation begins to wane, this quarter's cover story talks about the
role young Tibetans born in exile will play in continuing the quest for
Tibetan independence.

Dance: Wien. Chilly modernist images depict the decay just below the
surface of a tightly controlled urban society. Responsible for this
compellingly grim imagery is Pascal Rioult, a French choreographer who
spent ten years exploring man's interior landscape as a principal dancer
in the Martha Graham Company.

Music: Epiphany for Cello. Nirvana refugee Melora Mather's three woman
band breaks new ground on lower Manhattan's tough turf, a long way away
from Kansas.

Poetry: Licking the Fun Up. From New York clubs to magazines, books,
radio, MTV, film, and now to CD-ROM, London author Max Blagg knows no
borders when it comes to poetic expression. Here's a multi-media
rendition of one of his best known works.

Broadway: Regarding the American disposition towards uniquely American
art-forms, such as the Broadway musical, the question has been asked:
What constitutes a revival? Is it a measure of American cultural
inferiority--as perceived by Americans--that a contemporary rendition of
"Guys and Dolls" should be considered one? Musical Director Edward
Strauss talks about Interpreting the American Classic.

Technical Notes: Common Problems: How to solve them!

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