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Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 18:42:12 -0500 (EST)

@griculture Online


@griculture Online is an electronic magazine of agriculture dedicated to
all aspects of crop growning and farming. Affiliated with Successful
Farming magazine.

More than anything, @griculture Online is a community of
agriculturalists--of publishers, organizations, companies and individuals.
We provide the latest information in ag news, weather, markets, and new
technology. Our readers provide a meeting place, through our Talk groups,
where discussions on more than twenty different topics, from livestock to
crop scouting, to ag humor, and so forth, are ongoing. This site is
dedicated to helping people share information, ideas, and their own
experiences. Our advertising partners provide the funding that allows us
to continue to provide this service to you. You can see the list of
supporters on our home page in the partners section.

Through partnerships with Reuters news service, ag publishers throughout
the world, and a number of correspondents on every continent, @g Worldwide
brings you comprehensive news about agriculture. These views range from a
global perspective to the local perspectives of the correspondents'
reports from the land.

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