HIV; An Electronic Media Information Review


HIV; An Electronic Media Information Review

Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 04:30:35 GMT
Subject: HIV; An Electronic Media Information Review

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 16:24:25 +1000
From: (Craig Zimitat)

>Title: HIV An Electronic media Information review


A fortnightly paper-based edition of the most recent and interesting
news availble on the Internet regarding HIV. It is largely distributed
to Australian Doctors and HIV research workers who do not have ready
internet access. The aim is to distribute information from abroad as
quickly as possible to keep people abreast of current events, and
provide information that would not normally be available for a further
2-3 months because of our geographical isolation.

>ISSN: 1323-5613

>First Electronic Issue: Vol 2.5
Available by snail mail or
request to

>Peer Reviewed: No.
Edited from other sources with acknowledgement.

>Format(s)-LIST ALL: ascii

>Distribution-LIST ALL Soon to be gopher/www

>>Frequency: fortnightly

>>Number of subscribers: about 750

>>Language: English

>How to Subscribe/access: send message with subscribe hiv_emir in
subject line.
No other text necessary

>How to submit articles: post to above

>Related list or newsgroup: None directly realted.
Sources include

>Are back issues available? Yes

>If yes, means of access: snail mail to address below
email to above address

>Contact person: Craig Zimitat
Dr D.D. Maitland

>Issuing Agency Dept Biochemistry,
University of Queensland,
Australia 4072

>Mailing address: HIV-EMIR
Dept Biochemistry,
University of Queensland,
Australia 4072

>Phone (voice): +617 365 4608

>Fax: + 617 365 4699

>email address:

Copyright: Copyright remains with individual sources, who simply
request acknowledgement. Free service only available
because of nature of sources.

>Date Template Completed: 30/3/95


_-_|\ Craig Zimitat
/ * Associate Lecturer
\_.-._/ Department of Biochemistry
v The University of Queensland, Australia 4072
Tel: +617 365 4608 * Fax: +617 365 4699
Editor: HIV Electronic Media Information Review

Home: P.O. Box 999, Toowong, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4066
260 Hawken Dr., St Lucia, QLD, Australia 4067. Tel: + 617 371 0082

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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