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Home Health Care Management & Practice


Publisher: SAGE Publications

Home Health Care Management & Practice is a comprehensive resource for
clinicians, case managers, administrators, and educators providing home
health care in the home and other community-based venues, such as hospices,
adult day care, correctional facilities, primary care outreach clinics and
other settings. It is a valuable resource for faculty and collegiate nursing

The journal addresses a broad range of issues, from individual patient care
and case management to staff guidance, development and supervision to
licensing to accreditation and regulations impacting the administration of
home care agencies.

Articles foster expert clinical practice and describe successful management
solutions implemented by organizations relative to regulations and
licensing, corporate compliance, strategic management, and operations. They
often include checklists, guidelines, and other practical self-check tools
that help clinical personnel serve their patients¹ physiologic,
psychological, and sociological needs more effectively.

Specific topics covered in recent issues include: therapeutic approaches,
cultural competence, family caregivers, equipment assessment and management,
human resource management, home health center/agency finances and promotion,
government regulations affecting home care, and pain management.

ISSN: 1084-8223


Barbara Stover Gingerich
Advantage HCMR Consultants, Inc.
York, PA

Accreditation Commission for Health Care

Email: Bgingerich1@suscom.net

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Current Issue: June 1 2005, Volume 17, No. 4

Date: 8 July 2005

Original posting date: 
Friday, July 8, 2005
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