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Subject: Hootenanny

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Subject: Hootenanny

(Link inactive 19 May 2004)

(Link active 19 May 2004)

Welcome to Hootenanny on-line. This space runs parallel to the hard
copy of Hootenanny magazine, published twice a year in New York City.
Issue number one was a multiple media production. It included letters,
poetry, fiction and non-fiction, along with drawings, color photocopies
of paintings, and three hand-made pages.

We are very interested in intertextuality, transgenerality, and
internationality. We like poems that consider white space to be
significant, poems that seem like prose (or not), fiction that seems
like non-fiction, non-fiction that takes creative liberties. We like
writers to draw pictures and we like to hear artists speak in prose (or
verse). We like people who do not identify themselves as artists to
make art. We like things that are made by hand, and the limitations
that go along with that. We also like electronic publication, which
reproduces itself as often as it is accessed.

[Current issue contains poems, stories and images.]


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