Human Resources for Health


Human Resources for Health

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Human Resources for Health journal provides a means of disseminating
relevant, high-quality research on human resources for health (HRH). It
aims to improve understanding about producing and managing health care
providers in a range of settings.

This journal focuses on research on HRH policy, practice, development
of knowledge tools, and implementation mechanisms at national and
international level, as well as specific features of the health
workforce, such as the impact of management of health workers'
performance and its link with health outcomes. Health sector reforms
have in the past neglected HRH issues. Human Resources for Health
encourages debate on health sector reforms and human resources. It will
be especially valuable in building an evidence base on HRH.

ISSN: 1478-4491

Editor-in-Chief: Orvill Adams email:

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Thursday, December 4, 2003
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