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Hungary Report

Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 02:26:51 GMT
Subject: Hungary Report

Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 11:07:24 +0100
From: (Rick Bruner)
Subject: Hungary Report


The Hungary Report is a weekly English online update of news and
analysis direct from Budapest each Sunday. The Report consists of
briefs, one feature story and an expert political opinion column.

The briefs and feature stories are written by Rick E. Bruner and John
Nadler, freelance journalists resident in Budapest who write for various
publications including The Boston Globe, The European, Variety
(entertainment news) and European Computer Resources. The briefs
consist of the most important and interesting developments in Hungary
each week, while the feature stories touch on a wide range of issues
from politics to business, economics, arts and leisure. The weekly
political column, Parliament Watch, is written by Tibor Vidos, director
of the Budapest office of GJW, a British political lobbying and
consulting firm. His column also appears in the Budapest Business

The Hungary Report is free to readers. To subscribe, send an email
message to the following Internet address:

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Conversely, to stop receiving Hungary Report, simply send to the same
address (in the body of the message) the single word


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Back issues of The Hungary Report are available on the World-Wide Web
( and via FTP (host:;
directory: /pub/hungary-report/ ; login name: "ftp"; password: your
email address)

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The entire contents of The Hungary Report is copyrighted by the authors.
Permission is granted for not-for-profit, electronic redistribution and
storage of the material. If readers redistribute any part of The
Hungary Report by itself, PLEASE RESPECT AUTHORS' BY-LINES and copyright

Reprinting and resale of the material is strictly prohibited without
explicit prior consent by the authors. Please contact the authors
directy by email to enquire about resale rights.

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For information on becoming a corporate sponsor of The Hungary Report,
contact Rick E. Bruner or John Nadler by email.

Feedback is welcome.

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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