IATH Research Reports


IATH Research Reports

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Subject? IATH Research Reports
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[The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the
University of Virginia makes research reports available on their WWW
server. Report series appear annually.]

[Authors and Titles of 3rd Series (1995) Reports]

Gary Anderson, "The Life of Adam and Eve: The Biblical Story in Judaism
and Christianity"

David Blair, Tom Meyer, et al., "Wax: The Web/MOO Version"

Elisabeth Crocker, "Identity in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction:
Technologies of Assimilation in the American City, 1880-1940"

David Gants, "A Digital Catalogue of Watermarks and Type Ornaments Used by
William Stansby in the Printing of The Workes of Benjamin Jonson (London:

Ken Schwartz, "Charlottesville Urban Design and Affordable Housing"

Judith Shatin, "The Hierarchical Audio Construction Kit: Composition and

Michael Stern, "Visions for a Sustainable City: Owings Mills, MD"


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